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Headlight Washer?


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Today, I noticed that when I pulled the handle to spray my windshield and wipe off some dirt, the headlight washer spray come on simultaneously. I have not owned the car long but can't find anything in the manual to suggest this should happen. Is this correct operation or do I have something weird going on.

And same day, I note my Parking Assist is going bonkers. Warning system goes off when I come to a stop even if there's nothing around me.

What do you guys think? Electrical problems?

At least it'a certified vehicle but I'm concerned I've got a lemon here.

Thanks in advance.

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The headlight washer comes on when the headlight is on and when you wash the windshield, or you can just hit that button in the drop down box. Try cleaning your parking sensor for that other problem.

Thanks G Man. Weird but the Park Assist worked properly this morning. Hope it was a one time glitch and not a symptom of electrical poltergeist. :-)

Anyway, your answer is reassuring with regard to the headlight washer.

Thank you again!

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The headlight washer is a feature. They figure if you need your windshields wash, you need your headlights washed too.

The Parking Assist turned on because it's set on automatic. So if you're at a stop light and a motorcycle comes close next to you (or any other object), it goes off.

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