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  1. My mirrors started acting up shortly after the warranty ended. The mirrors tilt down when going in reverse, and are supposed to return to where they were when in drive. My mirrors return usually too high to see out of. This is a BIG safety issue as you are seeing sky when there might be a car next to you. Fiddling with the L/R rocker switch, I think you can defeat the mirrors going down, but it's a hassle and you loose the help it gives when backing and parking.
  2. I have a 2006 Lexus that has factory wheels that were chrome exchanged after I bought the car. A few months ago my low tire pressure light came on. My front left tire was about 5 LB low. After adding air, continued to happening about every 2 weeks. I assumed a slow leak from a nail or something. The local tire store didn't find a leak, but said there is some oxidation on the rim surface where the tire meets. He said they see this all the time and that it probably only looses air when I am driving. He put a brush tool on his power tool and removed the oxidation. It's been several months and the problem is gone.
  3. I would start by pulling the head unit and unplugging each connector and reconnecting them one at a time. Several people here reported having erratic conditions after installing an iPod adaptor (especially in cold weather). It seems a slightly loose connector can cause problems. There is a sticky thread called DVD Bypass in this forum that shows how to pull the head unit out. I'm not suggesting to do the modifications, just to use the removal instructions. It's worth a try and free. :)
  4. don't know. I had pinched a wire when I was installing an iPod adaptor that blew a fuse. there are fuse panels in the kick area on both sides of the car. while looking for the fuse I blew, I pulled them one at a time to look at them. turns out the ECU fuse was next to an empty fuse slot. I replaced it to that one by mistake. the dealer figured it out, but basically being in the wrong spot is the same as no power or a bad fuse. my car started, but ran poorly and shifting was like what you have.
  5. two things I would check are that your ECU fuse is good and that your battery is good and strong. I inadvertenly pulled the fuse (while looking for another blown fuse) and replaced the ECU fuse in a spot that I though it came from, but returned it one spot off as there was an unused fuse space. The car had all of the same transmission symptons you are seeing. Seemed like the battery was not strong enough for the solenoids in the transmission. I thought I had a bad battery and replaced it. Still had trouble, thought the new battery was bad too. Don't know all for sure, but Lexus found the fuse that was in the wrong slot very fast and the car shifted perfectly since (about 4 years). Bottom line, check that the ECU fuse is OK and has power.
  6. has anyone installed an iPod adapter to the wiring harness? years ago I had issues like you on cold damp mornings. I reseated the connectors and no problem since. the sticky note at the top of this forum for DVD bypass shows how to pull the head unit. there's only a few connectors that you can pull and reset. might be a cheap fix?
  7. make sure you have a good battery as the transmission shifts electronically. also make sure all of your fuses are good.
  8. I also have a 2006 GS300 and just replaced the battery. I had to cycle each window at the door, not from the drivers switch. Go all the way down and all the way up a few times, and the drivers switch should work then too. good luck!
  9. Hi, I have a 2006 GS300 with Mark Levenson Audio and Nav. I listen to my music LOUD and after 76000 miles, it is finally giving me trouble. It started 2 nights ago. I was listening to it and it cut out the sound. This is happening with any source (CD, FM, etc). I turned down the volume, and it came back on. If I turned it up, it cut out again. The volume goes from 0 to 62, but now anything above 30-31 will cause the audio to cut out. I tried the stereo last 2 days and same thing. Also tried with the car parked and just have the power in the ACC position (push the start button once without my foot off the brake). In that mode, the stereo plays, but without the subwoofer. Still has the same problem. At levels up to 30 or so, the music still sounds great and no distortion or pops and clicks. Anyone have any ideas as to if you think it is the head, amp, or a speaker? Any ideas as where to proceed to check things out? Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.
  10. I have a 2006 and remember reading that the computer in the car "learns" some of the driver habits for shifting and such. You can try disconnecting the battery for a half hour or so to reset the computer and maybe it will learn your type of driving. If you do, the one touch window switch might not work until you retrain it with a couple of manual up/down cycles. It's worth a try?
  11. I have a different model Lexus (which plays DVDs). I think the parking break has to be on and the shifter in park.
  12. do you have any dash board lights that indicate a problem like "VSC" or similar? I shorted a wire a long time ago reinstalling the radio after adding on an iPod adapter. it seemed like I had a dead battery and I had it replaced. still had problems of the car stalling and quitting. I had the VSC light. I looked at each fuse and didn't find the problem, but I must have returned one to a an empty holder position, and I caused more problems. I got it to the local dealer and they found the problem in about 10 minutes. it seems like it would be either the battery or alternator, but the computer can also cause problems, so keep an open mind. it shouldn't take a Lexus dealer to check for the first 2 choices, but if it's not the battery or alternator, check the fuses and be careful if you remove one next to an empty slot so that you return it to the correct one. if you still have a problems and have error lights on the dash, tell your repairman. good luck!
  13. me too. 2006 gs300. sounds like big sub-woofers going out of control. luckily I don't need to drive with the windows down too much. I'm glad I'm not the only one.
  14. click on this link: It describes how to remove the nav/radio unit. you are not going to cut wires as described, but the removal instructions show how to get to the back of the radio. Most iPod adapters plug in-between an existing connector and the plug that was connected to it, and then there is a cable to the iPod. I used a old stake knife I heated over the kitchen stove to cut/melt a notch in the globe box and ran the iPod cable through it. easy to do yourself. use large towels to set radio on after removal to avoid scratching your car.
  15. I put mine where the owners manual was. I used an old butter knife and heated it red hot on the stove and melted a small notch in the inside of the opening. I cut a piece of Masonite to friction fit the opening and covered it with black felt. When you open the glove compartment, it looks the same, only the manual is not there.
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