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'01 Ls430 Door Storage & Audio Illumination Problems

Sam C.

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I am hoping someone can help me find a solution for a minor though annoying problem.

I have a 2001 LS430 that just past the century mark on milage and recently I had loaned it to my father for a few days. When I got the LS430 back, the driver's side door storage compartment door no longer will stay close and will slowly open on its own to the complete "open" position. Any attempt to "force" it close will shortly fail as if there is an obstruction somewhere in the "joints" or something or as if there's too much cargo inside the storage compartment (though it will do this even when completely empty). Even worse, if making a tight turn, the compartment door will sometimes "pop" open and slap against me. I would not be so concerned about this but due to my career being in law enforcement and military product sales and services, sometimes if the truck is not available, I have use the Lexus while wearing thigh holsters and tactical gear and the door will slap against it, causing a distraction. I should say its not a distraction at all, but being that I've owned and driven Lexus' since 1992 with the original '92 LS400, I'm not used things suddenly popping open on it own in such a fine automobile.

The dealer had informed me that this is not a serviceable part and that they would have to replace the entire door panel for $2,350! Does anyone know of a fix for this or perhaps where I might can simply obtain just the parts needed to make repairs?

To further make matters worse, when I got it back, the illumination for the center audio panel (NAV model) started to flicker and now has all but stopped illuminating on its own unless you press hard against the bottom right corner of the fascia (the black part) right under the power/volume knob. Even parked at a stand still, sometimes the illumination will stop completely on its own, but steady pressure on this area will keep it working. I suggested to the dealer that maybe there's a loose wire somewhere but they have not been able to repeat the illumination failure on their own and have suggested replacing the display for $1,600!

I've confronted my father to see if perhaps there was something to these problems but he denies any involvement and I see no reasons to doubt him (I stopped short of calling my friends at the Bureau to conduct a lie detector test!).

I've been eager to trade towards a '08 LS460 L but I'm not THAT eager yet! Nor do I think paying nearly $4,000 for repairing such minor problems a smart move when it can just as well be used as a month payment towards the new LS460 L (at the cost of reduced trade-in value due to the two minor problems). So I'm seeking an alternative to both these "unreasonable" solutions or should I simply learn to accept these minor faults?

I would greatly appreciate any information anyone may have to correct these minor but annoying problems that seem to be all that plague such a wonderful automobile and I thank you for your time.

Sam C.

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