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Hi All, Another One Joins The Club !


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Well here we are, got the keys and am now a owner of a Lexus :lol:

'95 ES300 and in friggin near perfect condition. Im so happy right now. haha

I was reading pretty much from page one of this forum until about page 45 or so, and well, you guys are experts !

I'm going to need to whip up a set of those DIY needles as all but one are dead here, also probably going to swap in some HID lights. Doesnt seem to hard at all from what I've been reading.

I did have a few real quick questions tho, if you may ;)

First mainly being I am having trouble locating the break down manual (service manual I guess?) for the 95... seems the years jump 93 to 97 in the manuals. is it a safe bet that the 97 manual will be pretty much the same as the 95 ? for wiring (I am having thoughts of swapping those 2 rear speakers) etc...

Or if someone knows where to obtain (ie:download) the 95 manual it would be much appreciated. I have the basic one that comes with the car explaining the functions etc... I think from reading there should bea total car head to toe book too. thats the one im looking for.

Anyways, hi all and yay for me ! :D

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Welcome and congratulations on your new ride! When we bought my wife's 04 ES we traded in her 97 ES, and I left the FSM (Factory Service Manual) for it in the trunk. I bought it from the Lexus dealership when we bought the car, and yes, it covered everything. I can't say whether it would have applied to the 93 in all areas, but I'm fairly sure it would be useful in most cases. I'm sure if you keep searching eBay, this and other forums, that you should be able to come up with one. Welcome again, and Good Luck!

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First of all, welcome to LOC and congrats on a wise car-buying purchase! :)

In my opinion, if you are in the market for a classy and reliable used car, you can't go wrong with a previously well maintained Lexus.

I've done both the needles and the HIDs on my '93 ES and I couldn't be happier with the results.

As far as the FSM is concerned, your '95 is the same generation as the '93 (second gen is '92-'96) so if you can't locate one for your exact year, I wouldn't worry about it. I'm sure the FSM for the '93 model would be almost identical.

Good luck with the DIYs. If you have any questions, hit me up. :cheers:

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Hey, thanks for the grats !

Ya, im just getting the part list together to work on the needles this coming weekend. I actually just did a rear speaker swap to get those paper ones outta there and it sounds goooood. (9 pages of search results reading before running out to get them. god so much info on this forum hehe) Nice 3-ways using the correct ohm/watts were golden. Just fluke chance that the mega labour day sales + in store rebates netted me just the right speakers... for 12 bucks a pair instead of like 80 ha! :P

I'm trying to keep everything as stock "looking" as possible. The class is just too nice to mess with. so no aftermarket HU etc... as the rule goes: KISS (keep it simple stupid) !

The needles need to be done, along with the backlighting thats a given. later on down the road I'll toss in some HID's. My friend just had his done yesterday on his '92 and daaaamn it looks good. He managed to find a deal locally that for 200 bucks you would get 4300's installed and the light casing machine buffed on the outside to remove the yellow & restore factory clarity. its as if the car had everything replaced. looks top notch !

I'll be taking pics after, I want to try and figure out what paint code they used on the car to get a touch up stick. its not grey, nor charcol, but a sort of in between purple charcol. weird... I'll post pics and the door code after to see if anyone can help.

Also with that paint stick... the car's paint is obviously faded a bit.. the stick will probably be a different tone. any way of mixing in a bit of lighter grey to make it "like" faded when touching up ?

Thanks and happy to be here....


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Pikkies as promised :lol:



I love how there is no multi color trim or skirt i guess, on it. its all one solid color.

With that being said im trying to match that color. its not grey, its not purple... its a light mix of the two...

You can see right near the hood logo there is a few white spots that need touching up. already im getting annoyed by it and ive not even had the car a week :lol:

Door paint code says its 928, web says that code is for "Amethyst Mist Metallic Clearcoat" this correct?

Also I note that its a metallic paint... so im gonna guess its gonna be a %^& to touch up properly ?

If someone can let me know, thanks! (oh also these sticks I presume would cost 5-6 bucks at any lexus dealership ?)

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Hey, great deal on the speakers! Gotta love those Labour Day sales!

Not sure what the "official" colour of your paint is, but the lower cladding has obviously been repainted since all generations of the ES were two-tone up until 2002. Lexus will probably be able to help you match the colour for some touchup paint.

Anyways, nice looking ride. Have you considered some tint for the windows? IMO, tint always adds an extra bit of sexiness to the look, plus it helps to protect your interior from sun damage. It looks like your interior is black, the same as mine. Tint would also help lower the temperature a bit on hot days. That black leather is a @!#+% to sit on when the sun's been beating on it! :o But colour-wise, I think black is by far the nicest interior colour, if I do say so myself. :) And it's a lot rarer than the more common tan interior.

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As a matter of fact I was shopping around for window tinting.... but at 300 bucks locally so far, nice hit to the pocketbook. going to have to wait.

The interior is actually -exactly- the same color as the exterior. I really dont think that was standard, but no complaints. I would love to have black but we cant have it all eh ?

I'll jump over to the dealership during the week to see if they can figure it out for the paint. I think that is the correct color tho, best be safe than sorry.

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