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  1. Gr8 pics love them ;) i have a group on Flickr u should add them if u have an account :)
  2. WOW thats ace send some 2 the UK plzzzzzzzzzz
  3. Most of us on LOC UK have them & since i re set my ECU my petrol is a bit better I had it in my old Lex & now its in my new 1 ;)
  4. OMG never seen 1 b4 :o gosh no your not 2 far :) Parts not realy had 2 buy any got odd bits off e-bay & due 2 bein Female im not up 2 speed on that side of things Sorry im not much help :cries: Have u posted on LOC UK they r very helpfull peeps :D
  5. I like what it does 2 peoples faces lol especialy Clarcksons when he drove it on Top Gear I went on a ride in the UK @ Alton Towers 4 my Birthday called Rita it does 0-100 in 2.5 seconds u should have seen my face
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