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What About The 91 Es250?


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How come they aren't included on the forums? I just picked one up the other day for $750 from a buddy of mine which was an awesome deal in my book. It's only got 140k, all windows work, sunroof works, etc. Just needs a cd player, drivers side front kick panel, and the bottom doorjam trim piece.

I have a few q's though. I searched already and turned up not a single result....

What is ECT and what does it do? I've been thinking it's some sort of traction control but am not too sure.

Also, there is a knocking in the front passenger side, I believe it's a bushing of some sort, but if it's not going to damage the car or be of any danger I am going to leave it be.

I am a previous Saab 9-3 owner and am plenty used to having a car that also doubles as a money pit when it comes to replacement parts.

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The ES250 is included in the forum, the title of the forum is 92-06 ES250/300/330. It should read 90-06...but we've just never noticed that.

Not a lot of ES250 owners here, mostly because they actually didn't make that many of them, and at this point they're pretty old...

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