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Measure 0-60/quarter-mile With Your Iphone


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Measure 0-60/Quarter-mile with your iPhone - g-tac turns iPhone into performance meter




One day after spotting the "inexpensive" auto performance measurement tool Dynolicious for the iPhone, we've found another, and it's much cheaper. Liberty For One has released its own automotive measurement tool called g-tac, and its going for just $4.99. For less than half the cost of the Dynolicious tool, you get times and trap speed for the quarter mile, as well as times for 0-60 and 60-0. The g-tac utilizes the iPhone's (and iPod Touch's) accelerometer to determine velocity, so the phone doesn't have to be plugged into the car. The tool also graphs out your last three runs so you can hone your launch technique over time. g-tac's feature list doesn't appear to have the robustness of the Dynolicious app, which also features metrics for Lateral Gs and horsepower, and there isn't much documentation to detail what g-tac can actually do. The early reviews aren't so hot either, as the first seven purchasers have averaged a rating of just 2.5 stars compared to the four star rating for the Dyonlicious app. Since cheaper doesn't typically mean better, we intend to test both apps against an even more expensive hardware unit, and we'll let you know if either iPhone app is worth your hard earned digital dollars.

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