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2003 Gx470 Cpo


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I just purchased a CPO 2003 GX470 for $22,500. I want to hear from the Gurus here if I got a good deal.

It has the following items:

-62,000 miles

-Warranty is 3 years or 100K miles

-DVD and Navigation

-3rd Row seats.

-Roof Rack

-CD changer and Mark L speakers.

Everything works great. The only negative thing that I can think of is the headlamps - it has a little bit of yellowing on it, but it is clear. How can I remove it?



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Hey RJ, sounds like a pretty good deal to me, did you trade anything?

I traded my 2000 LX470 that has 86K miles. The KBB trade-in value for this is $15,500 (excellent condition).

My trade-in has a paint defect. You must have heard of this issue with the 2000 LX470 (brown color). The paint was badly faded and the ride was really rough and hard when driving on bumpy roads (expensive to fix).

The dealership took my trade for $15,500.

Is this a fair price?


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