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How To Properly Change And Flush Radiator?


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So I'm attempting to flush and put in new coolant in my 95 LS400 but I noticed that the cooling system setup is different on this car than others. Is there a write up on here somewhere on how to properly do this?

Is the coolant tank just the overflow tank?

How do I put coolant into the radiator? I couldn't eye a potential way.


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Eatingupblacktops link is dead on. Everything from Carls 1992 is the same as the 1995 except placement of the resivoir tank.

Check in the tank to see what color your fluid is. Should be red/pink. If it is not you want to get the right stuff in there. Be advised that drivers side drain is a PITA to get to. I did the coolant on my 1996 this weekend and after 15 mins, gave up trying to get to it. The stuff in my car is the right stuff so I wasn't too worried. I did 'flush' the system with distilled water and then put in the pink stuff.

Follow his write up as well as the info on the resivoir tank and you should be good to go. It was around 100 here today so I am glad I had new stuff in the car. Watch out for the radiator drain though. Mine is weird and leaked some coolant out overnight. Leaked a lot out actually. I think the cure for mine is to not fully tighten it. You'll see what I mean later but just watch it. If anything leaks it will probably be from there. Get extra coolant just in case.

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Yeah good point. My aunt asked me to flush the rad in her Toyo Camry and I wanted to get an idea of what it would take so I searched Toyota boards and one guy was like 'what if I just put my garden hose in there and let it run? That should be ok, right?' :censored:

Ignorance is bliss I guess. I had the same talk with the lady at Target when I was buying for my six gallons of distilled water (Only needed two thanks to my drivers side drain!) but she was saying her husband has asthma and used it for something (I thought she said asthma) but she was telling me about the water and I'm thinking 'I know!' but was like oh yeah, oh yeah. My point was 'thats what I tell people who say the rain will wash their car. No it won't.' And was out of there.

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