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Wierd Starting Trouble


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Hi all,

My 93 LS400 with 115k was running fine till few days back.. Suddenly it has started giving some wierd starting issues..

My mechanic is out on a vacation and will have to wait for another 3-4 days till he comes back.. So I am looking for any expert opinion out here..

When I start it does not fire instantly.. It takes a few minutes and starts after trying a few minutes.. It constantly happens.. One day it did not start at all. AAA guy who came to start said battery was fine.. Sometimes it trys to start even after engine is started and running which freaks me out.. Will a bad alternator do this?...

Once this funky startup procedure works, I am able to drive.. Stop/start again the same funky way/drive etc..

My power steering seems to have leak as well.. Is this just a bad alternator? or do you guys think there is something else wrong..

Thanks a lottt..

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Sounds like you need to pull some codes.

Here's how:

Post them and the experts here will do thier thang.

Try to avoid the situation where the starter engages while the engine is running. Not good.

You can add stop leak atf to PS resevoir. It may or may not swell the seals and slow it down.

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