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Sc 430 Trunk Release


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I usually keep a jump starter in my trunk in case of a battery drain but it appears that when the battery is dead on the SC430, there is no way to open the trunk. Is there a manual release somewhere I've missed?

Yes, it's in the center console - lower compartment... remove everything and then lift-up the mat. You will see a small plastic door at the rear under the mat... remove the plastic cover and pull the wire loop... almost instant trunk access!

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Finding and using emergency manual trunk open on SC430

Thanks for tip, kept looking and couldn't find it after my remote and dash/gas switch neither would work. Owners manual said rear console so I kept looking at the tiny one in the back seat that everyone uses for ???.

Open the lower lockable center console, empty contents. Note the plastic tab at rear sticking out and up from under bottom console mat . (this is the top the plastic cover that covers the metal loop that you will pull to open trunk.)  Remove the mat covering the bottom of the console, I used a small screwdriver to get the edge to lift up and out. You will then see the rest of the plastic tab covering access to the wire loop. Pull the loop and the trunk opens. And now at 12:30am my car is not out front with the trunk unlocked.

Thanks Indio, just happened today and was leaving the trunk opened and not locked, afraid there was no other way in for me to replace the actuator.

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Hold the eject button for about 5 seconds and this will eject all CDs left in the tray. If this doesn't work many people report two things. One that if they "smack" the side of the radio it will realign the jammed tray to help eject the CD. The next involves taking out the entire radio and shaking it. If those two paths doesn't release the tray, then you will require opening the actual radio unit to remove the jammed tray.

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