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Tighten Emergency Brake


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92 Ls here, there is an adjustment up under the car above the drive shaft, this adjustment will tighten the cable and give the parking brake pedal less throw. The other is inside the disk brake itself (unbelievable but effective design) and adjust the parking brake shoes (inside the rotor hub) out with the adjuster spin screw. The adjustment is accessed from the outboard side of the rotor hub. A small rubber plug can be popped out and the adjuster is at 6 oclock. The manual says adjust it to full friction lock (clockwise) then back it off 8 clicks. When I did mine I didn't have to adjust the cable as the peddle now goes about 2/3s of the way to the floor and the brakes set well.

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Or you can drive in reverse and apply the brakes with decent pressure :)

I've done that in a few cars, seems to work enough for me.

I am curious about this method.

At first I thought it would work but didn't have any luck with it. I began to think, the parking brake is a separate system with its own cable and shoes. So my question to the board is: how can driving in reverse and braking hard adjust the parking brake in light of the fact that in this case your using the disc brakes and not the parking brake?

Perhaps driving in reverse and setting the parking brake?

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worth a shot i guess. just be careful and dont go TOO fast!

someone else might have a little more detailed info about it.

Good Luck,,, best bet is to remove the rear wheels and adjust...

I will agree the PROPER way to do it is that way ;)

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