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2 Questions About Some Custom Work I'd Like To Do


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I was wondering, does anyone know what i would have to do to take apart my headlights on my '98 LS? I wanna paint the housing flat black to give my car a "newer" look

and does anyone know what would be involved in removing the 2nd muffler (2nd one from the back)? Does anyone make any parts (namely a pipe section or something along those lines) that would fit in it's place? I've heard you can get a decent horsepower gain with that and an aftermarket intake.


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You'd have to bake your headlights in an oven to get the glue nice and soft then pry them apart, i don't know any specifics on that.

I'd just take it to a muffler shop for the extra piping.

Check out for more details about mods they love them over there. I think the aftermarket intakes have been well documented to be worse than stock. If anything go to and look for the JBrady set-up

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thanks for the advice

yeah finding the correct temperature is what i need to know

i just went and checked it out, the search on that site is kind of a pain to use, but i posted a thread asking the same questions

aftermarket intakes worse than stock? how the hell could that be? thats kind of a shame, i was considering making a custom one.

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whatever intake mod you do prepare to lose MPG unless you have it setup with cold air ducted directly in to the intake.

I did the "JBrady" type setup to my LS400 and lost 2mpg. So I got a K&N and went back to stock ducting.

just went on a little trip this weekend. Left my house with just over 3/4 of a tank of gas and ~80miles, got back home on the higher side of inbetween 1/2 and 1/4 of a tank with ~350miles. Averaged 27.2 mpg!!! If I had filled the tank before I left I EASILY could have gotten ~28-29mpg since the first 1/4 was a lot of city driving! :)

Whatever you decide to end up doing keep us posted! I'd love to see some dark housings on a UCF20-II!!!!!!! B)

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Ok so I painted the left one last night, my car has a black eye right now but when you can only see one side it looks pretty sweet.

I used krylon black camouflage paint because its really really flat black, and my buddy used it on his rims (i know that sounds pretty tacky but it looks good) and after 3 months it still looks brand new so i know it can take the florida weather.

check it out


I'm gonna do the other side tonight and put up the finished product pic tomorrow


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Wow! that actually looks pretty sweet. Do you have any other dark mods? (ie: wheels, tint, etc..) This would look awesome on a black LS.

Huevos grandes amigo! Can't believe you had the balls to bake your lights! hahaha! :cheers:

Get the other light done. I'd think about smoking the other lenses up front to get a more uniform look. Or better yet bake the corners and paint them inside! :D

And get pics of the whole thing!!! haha!

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no not really, one headlight is all thats dark now. I'm considering buying the 5 spoke 18's that come on the new LS and powdercoating them black and throwing them on there (great use for my free 600 from the gov't), and I'm gonna smoke the tail lights as soon as i figure out how (any suggestions?). yeah it would look good on a black one.

It wasn't that risky, I had a good team helping me.

I'm gonna paint all the rest after work today, thinking about using gloss black on the inside of the turn signals to keep some functionality

pics will be up tomorrow unless something major goes wrong.

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I finished painting them. unfortunately I didnt know the turn signal's glue was not softened by heat so after baking them for no reason at all i basically had to break them to get them open. real pain in the !Removed! but well worth it. it took about 3 hours when all was said and done, time well spent. my weather stripping on the turn signals was dry rotted and all of it fell off, can i just buy new weather stripping?



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