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  1. do any companies make a good leather/pleather cover for the front seats of my 98 LS400? or how much could I expect to spend if I wanted to get them reupholstered? my seats are looking like crap nowadays thanks
  2. dude thats freakin awesome, my starter went bad, i came here to find out how to change it, and thanks to this post i didnt even have to search. thanks bulls I
  3. I'm gonna agree. I've never seen a brokedown ls that wasnt my own
  4. I've noticed that too, it's a source of great amusement to me. the way i see it, after 10 years that L turned into a T, it's just a nice toyota in my opinion. no matter what; people will find something to hold against you, so it could be worse.
  5. i had a similar problem. for me it was the timing belt, both ocv's, and spark plugs. 1500 bucks because a friend of mine did it cheap. i dont know how the wiring harness could have done that the mechanic probably wants you to pay for unnecessary bull *BLEEP*
  6. how the hell is there a restocking fee for a part that they didnt have in stock?
  7. you mean "crotch cooler" ??? lol yeah, i mean crotch cooler, w/e you wanna call it i love it. it should be on every car
  8. i want that fridge in the new ones, and the 18" 5 spokes from the new ones, but i'm buying those next week. but i don't like the fact that the new ones dont have the "balls" vent, living in florida i love that feature on my '98
  9. i love these cars. just remember it could be worse, my friend was hit BY A DEER while driving his mom's miata. no, he didnt hit one, it hit him. a lil baby deer runs across the road, he slams on his brakes in time and stops. as he's sitting there in a cloud of tire smoke, he realizes the 1st deer was running b/c it was being chased by a very large deer. this large deer of course didnt have time to stop and plows into the side of his convertible, hits his door, does a flip over the car, NAILS MY FRIEND IN THE FACE AND BREAKS HIS NOSE, and lands on the other side of the car dead, leaving piles of deer hair in the car and 5k worth of damage at which point i told him... he shoulda got a lexus
  10. try hitting the dash above the guages while you're moving, not too hard though, that is a common problem, it's expensive to fix but a good tap does the trick, i have to do that in my car all the time. parts are a real pain to find for our cars, and many tools are lexus specific. but the cars are really reliable if properly maintained. so it's really your call whether or not to buy it, i havent seen the car in person so idk. good luck though
  11. does it work when you hold down the unlock button on the keyless entry?
  12. so i've noticed lately that when i roll my front left window up there is a weird clicking sound, three separate clicks to be specific. I assume it's something catching this bothers me because i assume it's a sign that my window is getting ready to stop working, and as a smoker i REALLY need my window to work properly. is this a common issue? and if so how do i go about fixing it? even if it isnt a common issue, can someone send me directions on how to take my door apart (98 LS400) so i can try to figure out whats wrong? I'm the DIY type but i've never taken a door apart thanks in advance, you guys are always very helpful PS... 18" 5 spoke rims from the newer LS430 coming in a few weeks... I can't wait
  13. i want the ls430 5 spokes too but not chrome, when i get them next month i'm gonna powder coat them a shade or 2 above black, speaking of which what is a good site to get cheap LS rims from? should i just ebay it or is there a better place? and bicol... that looks sweet
  14. I've found that for some reason, on a very intermittent basis the speedometer and tachometer needles don't move when i start driving, usually a solid tap on the dash while i'm moving makes them work again, but why is it doing this? is this a common issue? and what do i need to do to fix it? this is by no means an urgent problem, but i am pretty curious.
  15. that sounds like quite a frankenstein. what are you trying to accomplish here? putting a 1UZ-FE in a 240? why dont you just get an SR20DET for it? it would be a way easier swap and half the price, or if you really wanted to go V8 people put small block chevy motors in those. why would you wanna convert it to right hand driver? this is America! what happens when you wanna pass somebody? are you gonna let 2/3 of your car stick out into oncoming traffic to see if someone is coming the other way? and what do you mean convert it to a pickup? as in put a truck bed on it? thats the dumbest thing i've ever heard. I dont mean to sound like a prick but there is such thing as a dumb idea, and i think i just read one. you really oughta reconsider what work you wanna do, maybe having to sell that motor was a blessing in disguise. instead of learning everything there is to know about this motor how about i tell you the only thing you need to know about it... it shouldnt go in a 240sx
  16. My buddy has a well built turbo 2JZ w/ single turbo conversion from a supra lying around that he'd be willing to give to me for a decent price I know lots of people put those in IS 300's but is it possible to put that engine and 6 speed in an LS? would it fit? my buddy seems to think my car would be to heavy but its a really powerful motor so i think it could be done. does anyone know whether or not this has been done before?
  17. I finished painting them. unfortunately I didnt know the turn signal's glue was not softened by heat so after baking them for no reason at all i basically had to break them to get them open. real pain in the !Removed! but well worth it. it took about 3 hours when all was said and done, time well spent. my weather stripping on the turn signals was dry rotted and all of it fell off, can i just buy new weather stripping?
  18. I'm curious, I've seen lots of appearance modifications but almost no performance work. has anyone on here done any mods to their engine besides just air intake? If so what have you done and about how much horsepower/torque do you have/think you have? and what would be the cheapest way to get above 300hp on a 98 LS? and does anybody know what the UCF20-II is called in japan?
  19. no not really, one headlight is all thats dark now. I'm considering buying the 5 spoke 18's that come on the new LS and powdercoating them black and throwing them on there (great use for my free 600 from the gov't), and I'm gonna smoke the tail lights as soon as i figure out how (any suggestions?). yeah it would look good on a black one. It wasn't that risky, I had a good team helping me. I'm gonna paint all the rest after work today, thinking about using gloss black on the inside of the turn signals to keep some functionality pics will be up tomorrow unless something major goes wrong.
  20. Ok so I painted the left one last night, my car has a black eye right now but when you can only see one side it looks pretty sweet. I used krylon black camouflage paint because its really really flat black, and my buddy used it on his rims (i know that sounds pretty tacky but it looks good) and after 3 months it still looks brand new so i know it can take the florida weather. check it out I'm gonna do the other side tonight and put up the finished product pic tomorrow
  21. wow. thats a shame. maybe i wont do intake after all im gonna do it this weekend and put the pics up so everyone can laugh at the *BLEEP*ty job I'm probably gonna do
  22. thanks for the advice yeah finding the correct temperature is what i need to know i just went and checked it out, the search on that site is kind of a pain to use, but i posted a thread asking the same questions aftermarket intakes worse than stock? how the hell could that be? thats kind of a shame, i was considering making a custom one.
  23. I was wondering, does anyone know what i would have to do to take apart my headlights on my '98 LS? I wanna paint the housing flat black to give my car a "newer" look and does anyone know what would be involved in removing the 2nd muffler (2nd one from the back)? Does anyone make any parts (namely a pipe section or something along those lines) that would fit in it's place? I've heard you can get a decent horsepower gain with that and an aftermarket intake. thanks
  24. my '98 is at 165k but you having 500 and its still running makes me want to keep my car longer and think i can. man i love my car
  25. i had a similar problem on my 98 ls400 go to autozone TODAY and have them read the error codes, you're currently damaging your engine further with every mile you drive. if it comes up as VVT error and several cylinders misfiring, you're in for a 1000 dollar trip to the mechanic to get your timing belt, spark plugs, and oil control valves and sensors. but after that everything will be running fine. good luck
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