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Bluetooth On Gs300 With Treo 700wx

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I used a Treo 650 with my GS300 bluetooth just fine -- no problems. Just got new Windows based Treo 700wx. It connects to the GS300 fine when I get in and even lets make or receive long calls if I start them right away (within a few minutes of startintg up). Howvber after 10 - 15 minutes I lose the bluetooth connection and have to stop the car and restart it to get the connection back.

Any idea? I hear from Verizon that the GS430 works ok. Does Lexus have an upgrade one can get???

Thanks all.

Newbie to the forum

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As noted - Lexus does not have an update nor do Palm or Verizon. I did find a fix tho!!

My car (2006 GS) sees my phone (Treo 700wx) OK and seems to work for a while, then stops. If I stop the car and restart the connection the comes back. Through trial and error I found out (I think) that if I leave the phone on (change power settings so it does not turn off) the bluetooth connection stays.


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my blackberry works fine but the address book won't synchronize somehow. when i hit the transfer data button, it asks me to "send" the data from my phone...i don't know how to do that...who do i ask???

On your BlackBerry, go to the Manage Connections icon on your home screen and select Bluetooth Options. Once in the Bluetooth Options, hit the Menu button and select "Transfer Address Book".

I am on Verizon Wireless, but the menu options should be the same if you are on a different carrier.


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