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  1. The dealer told you to use the wrong type of screwdriver...and you do have to pry. 1. Take out the mechanical key from your fob. 2. Put a flat head screwdriver into the inset space...just inside of the mechanical key slot....and turn it. This will pry open the fob. 3. Remove the old battery and replace with a new CR1632 battery..positive side facing up. 4. Replace the cover of the fob by first pressing on the bottom then the top (The top is the side where the mechanical key is inserted) --Duckman
  2. Sorry - they did not explain it in detail. It literally took 20 minutes and they didn't charge me anything. I can only assume they took the wheel off, the brake pad off and found the rock. I asked him how common this was and he said that it happens more than you think. Never had this happened before to me. I also asked him if there would be any damage to the rotor and he said no. That the rock would become more polished the longer I went, but the rotor had no damage. I apologize I can't offer any more than that. --Duckman
  3. I had the exact same problem. Took the car in and there was a rock stuck between my rotor and brake pad. They fixed it up and didn't charge me a dime. --Duckman
  4. We may need a spreadsheet for statistical analysis and graphing this out! --Duckman
  5. Same thing happened to me with my BlackBerry. I had a Motorola Razr when I first purchased the car and never had the buzzing noise...bluetooth worked flawlessly. I exchanged the Razr for a BlackBerry World Phone from Verizon and the buzzing happened when making the first call after a bluetooth connection. It never actually interfered with the was just loud. I recently purchased a Motorola Droid phone and the buzzing has gone away. My has to do with the type of phone.... Keeping score....2 Motorola's-no problem. 1 BlackBerry-annoying buzzing. :D --Duckman
  6. +1 to that! I love going to the dealership for my oil changes. I don't mind paying a premium price because I get a great loaner, if necessary....they are always very nice don't mind the free donut holes. :D --Duckman
  7. Congrats on your new cars and welcome to the club! --Duckman
  8. The interior styling of the ES and GS are very different. I have only driven the ES as a loaner when my GS is in for service. Personally, I'm not a big fan of the current model ES interior. To me it just feels more like a standard Toyota. The GS interior has that extra something that makes it feel more luxurious. The exterior is also very different. The GS, looking at the front, has much more of a sporty look to it. In fact, the lines on the GS are really all about a sporty look, compared to the standard sedan look, which the ES has. But, the most important difference for me is the AWD. I live in Minnesota....snow baby snow! I won't purchase a car without AWD anymore. The GS does a nice job in managing the AWD system. In warmer weather it is balanced at 70% rear and 30% front, which gives it a sportier driving experience. When the weather turns cold it is 50/50 rear/front. --Duckman
  9. I really don't think that it is something that Lexus is going to be able to fix...or diagnose. It's an XM issue. My portable unit is a Delphi MyFi XM Radio unit...and it has this exact same issue from time to time. I have to turn the unit off and turn it back on when it occurs. You noticed that you do not receive a NO SIGNAL on the radio....and....the song titles and artist names will continue to update, even though you do not hear sound. I agree it's a bummer, but I'm skeptical that Lexus can do anything to resolve it... Here are other posts about this same issue from other forum sources: Toyota Prius forum: Cadillac forum: --Duckman
  10. The lights will not go out immediately. It will take a couple of drives. So....tighten your gas cap, make sure it clicks a couple of times. Then, drive for a couple of days. If everything is right, the lights will turn off. At least, that's how it went for my car. Good luck! --Duckman
  11. I love that show!!!! They did an entire episode on the many myths surrounding Duct Tape! --Duckman
  12. Timetotravel: I would make sure that you get an opinion from a GS350 owner. There very well may be a difference. Although, it probably is not a significant difference. --Duckman
  13. The 06 is a GS 300, not 350, just as an FYI. My GS 300 is AWD and I get, on average: Summer: City: just over 24 MPG Highway: Around 28 MPG. Although, I have taken a couple of trips where the computer said I was just over 30 MPG! Winter (When AWD is being used): City: just over 22 MPG Highway: Around 27 MPG Hope that helps! --Duckman
  14. It may take a couple of days for the Check VSC light to turn off after you refuel. Mine did not immediately turn off, I noticed it off 1 or 2 days later. That being said, it very well could be a seal problem with your gas cap and you might need to replace it. In the thread I posted above, steviej suggested to a person having the same issue, to take the car in to a repair shop, and have them give you the codes that they detect. This should pinpoint the reason the light is turning on. --Duckman
  15. Hello energie8 and welcome to the Club! The Check VSC light could be coming on for a few reasons. They have been discussed in this thread....check it out. --Duckman
  16. Welcome to the club! I'm sure you will enjoy your car! --Duckman
  17. Try getting into the back seat of the car and lean as far away from the dash as possible. Then lock the doors using your key fob. Your alarm will go off if you manually open a door, without using the key unlock one of the back doors and open it. A window break will not set off the alarm. Someone needs to break the window, reach in, unlock a door, and then open the door for the alarm to go off. --Duckman
  18. The only problems I can report with my vehicle are: 1. I have had to have the side mirrors replaced because the motor went bad in them. That happened before the warranty went out, and was not a problem specific to a GS model. My RX had the same issue. 2. The Check VSC light went on twice, but I have made it a point to make sure I click my gas cap twice after fueling and the light has not come back on. Other than that, my car has been rock solid. --Duckman
  19. Cool video! Ugly race....for the Lexus anyway. I drove a G37s recently, and I can attest, my GS300 feels like its being pulled by glue factory bound horses in comparison. That being said, I still like the drive of the GS. My trips are all on highways in I'm not pressed for speed too often. The G37s, while zippy, doesn't seem to have the same luxurious drive as my GS. For my purposes...I'll take the GS over the Infiniti G series any day. --Duckman
  20. You have to manually raise it. It's not like the RX rear doors which can open and close automatically. --Duckman
  21. Gotta's a sharp looking car with that top down! Congrats!! --Duckman
  22. Congrats on the car! Welcome to the GS side of the Lexus Owners Club ;) --Duckman
  23. If people really need to text while driving, they can download an application called Vlingo, which turns your phone into a voice activated device. Not just for calls, but e-mails, text messages, anything on your phone is voice activated. I don't, in any way, endorse using a phone while driving....but this is safer than the alternative! Works for BlackBerry, iPhones, Nokia devices, and Windows Mobile devices. --Duckman
  24. All you need to do is use Windows Media Player. 1) Put in the CD you want to put in WMA format. 2) Go to the Rip tab on Windows Media Player 3) You will see the list of songs to rip. Song information should come up automatically, but if it does not, you should see a Find Album Info button on the screen to help you find the album name and song names. 4) When complete, the WMA files will be on your computer 5) Insert a blank CD and format it to allow you to drag and drop files onto it using Windows Explorer 6) Copy the files from your computer to your CD and then "Finish" the CD so it can be read in other devices. If the files you have are already in MP3 format or some other format on your computer, you should be able to find a freeware that will convert from whatever format they are in to WMA. Then just just follow from step 5 above. Hope that helps, --Duckman
  25. I dont' know if they are interchangeable, but to answer your question about WMA's and MP3's, both are forms of digital music media. WMA is short for Windows Media Audio. MP3's are a fairly universal form of digital music media. What that means for the radio is you can put a CD with MP3 and WMA files on it into the CD player and the system will recognize them. So....the CD does not have to be in the standard Compact Disc playable format to work in the system. You will notice that the knob on the right says both FILE and TUNE. FILE is for the digital media. You can scroll through your files on the CD...and if the files have the correct metadata, the track information should appear in the system display. Hope that helps somewhat! --Duckman
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