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Lexus Lx570 2008 Price Over Msrp By Dealer


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Hello there,

I am very new to this forum and new to buying new cars but am contemplaiting to order a new LX570. A used car dealer that I bought my previous car from tells me that he can assist in getting a car quicker but says it'll cost me his fee plus some $$ above MSRP to a dealer. When I asked him what the extra $$ was for he responded that for hot new cars it is normal that dealers can sell them well above MSRP. It is not what I heard and always thought that MSRP was the defacto high watermark and provided as guidence figure for dealer and customers. Am I wrong or is there a rule for new car pricing? Please explain and enlighten me before I fall into a trap.

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Welcome to the LOC illegitimus! That's not uncommon to sell a "hot" car for more than MSRP. We called it an addendum at our store. When the Nissan 350Z first came out, the store where I eventually started working was charging $5000 over sticker. When I started working there the end of '03 they were still charging $3000 over sticker. Obviously those were cars we loved selling because that equated a fat paycheck that period LOL. Now the million dollar question, can you get a new LX without paying the addendum if there is one? You could but it's not likely. Your best bet would be waiting a while longer to buy, or buying something in stock. Even at that there will be buyers who are willing to pay the addendum, even if you're not willing to pay. Keep us posted about what kind of deal you've been able to make :D

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I bought one a week ago in the Washington, D.C. area, and no dealer wanted more than list price. There is a $1000 "previous Lexus" owner discount running now. Washington Checkbook has a buyers service.

4 quoted MRSP

One quoted MRSP minus $1500

One quoted MRSP minus $2000

However, only a few dealers had a car in stock, all but one had the most expensive package with entertainment rear DVD, etc, which I did not need or want.

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