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Preferred Oil In 92 Ls400


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I recently bought a 92 LS400. I think it is time for an oil change, the sticker is hard to make out. I can see that 10W-30 oil was previously used. From what I have read most people use 5W-30. Would there be a problem if I switched the oil? The car has 186.00 miles. I believe Castrol was used in it previously. I want to use either a synthetic blend or a high mileage oil. Does anyone have any recommendations?

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10W-40 is the recomended oil used for the engine. if u look on the cap it clearly says it. I recently had my oil changed, but i used synthetic 5W-30 to see if it would run differently / better. my car has 106,000 and is still running great eaven with the synthetic


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