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  1. hey, i have a 1994 ls400. but im very familiar with the first gen thru 5th generation lexus wheel sizes. i have a set of 20x9 on my LS. they fit perfectly, i dont know how big your goin for, but let me know and ill help you out
  2. i have a 1994 ls400. which is the best conversion kit for my car? i want 8000k, perhaps 10,000 if they make it. let me know who makes them, thanks. email me at
  3. i have a 1994 ls400. tan leather. i want to get all new seats and center console top. does anyone know where i can get this? i was told to search around in junkyards but thats the last place ill look. if anyone has any advice on what i should do, let me know, thanks
  4. mine use to do the same thing in my 93, i found out that it was related to a computer malfunction. but yours might not be as intense as my problem was bc the whole computer system went downhill after my gauges stopped working. 172K.
  5. its really no difference if it is fwd or a rwd rim. but dont buy truck rims for the SC, bc most of the time the bolt patterns are different and wont fit as well as the offset. go with what u want. my brothers got an SC3 with 18x8 and they look great but id go bigger with 19's. u can fit 20's but your car will look lifted.
  6. Hey guys, i got a 1994 LS400. Any of you know what the exhaust pipe diameter is?
  7. i have 1994 ls400 with 111K. i get baout 19 city 22 highway. i have an injen intake and bored out intake manifold (seems to help a little). seems that somehting is wrong with your car, s take it to the dealerhsip to get i diagnosed. i used to have a 1993 with nothing modded on it and i florred it everywhere and my mpg was horrible. in my new ride i barely waste much gas driving to school. the intake helped. so you should maybe look into one
  8. when i slow down from 69-60 mph my whole car vibrates. my sterring wheel, my shifter, the whole thing. it annoys me because i want the ride to be smooth. i had my rotors checked out and they said thy wernt warped. have any advice let me know -alex
  9. its really not a porblem. the fwd vs. rwd isnt a mjor problem to worry about, there will be no differen really -alex
  10. 10W-40 is the recomended oil used for the engine. if u look on the cap it clearly says it. I recently had my oil changed, but i used synthetic 5W-30 to see if it would run differently / better. my car has 106,000 and is still running great eaven with the synthetic -Alex
  11. ive seen HKS exhaust systems on an LS before, but i didnt like the look and i dont want my car to sound like a ricer. Flowmasters has different stage kits for sound, so it wont sound like an F150. im replacing my whole piping system from the headers back. the has potential to be quicker but with the restrictions, it doesnt have a chance. i dont care about the sound, im into power.
  12. i have a 2002 gs430. i have it lowered 1" on 20x8's. the ride is fine, but harsher. 35/20zr's tires.
  13. I upgraded my rims to 20x9. When I hit bumps (not little ones) they rub against the upper lip of the wheel well. If you were considering to upgrade, get what size you want, but not anything wider than 8.5, so they dont rub. They rubbing is not a major problem at all, but its a little irritating once in a while. the ride will defintly be a little more harsh due to the lower profile of the tire though.
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