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  1. I figured out it was the fusible link 120A. I am having an issue with getting to the side by the main fuse block. Any ideas on how to move it away from the block?
  2. Someone left the lights on and I eneded up having to get a new battery. The car will now crank but no power. Radio, lights, wipers . none of that works. I think I have checked all of the fuses that are associated with those items. 1 was bad and I replaced it. Still no luck. Anyone have any ideas/suggestions?
  3. I posted a thread some time ago on this topic. Maybe you can search by my user name to find the info. I can't remember the actual site.
  4. I had a custom kit built for about 85 bucks here in Atlanta. But I think I may still got with the one with the pocket when its all said and done.
  5. Hope this helps
  6. That looks great, I wonder if the other looks that good. I may order that one!!! Thanks!
  7. Yes it is a pocket. I wanted one when I had my kit made. I wish I would've known about the kit you had when I got my radio installed!!
  8. Dash Kits for GEN 1 LS400's will be shipped end of March per this website!!! I currently have a custon install but will purchase this one because of the pocket!!!!
  9. I have a 92 LS400 and the driver side window has been giving me fits. It has a mind of its own. Sometimes it will work and others it won't. I took the switch out and opened it up and notice some of the contacts had some black "corrosion" on them. I cleaned it off and put it back in and it worked like a charm for about 3 months. Now its doing the same thing again. I cleaned the contacts again, but now it still sdoesnt work. Any suggeestions/thoughts? Thanks
  10. I agree that the factory amp does not do the speaker any justice. I will eventually get a new amp as well as a new head unit. Depending on the sound I may add more speakers in the trunk!!
  11. I replaced my sub with a free air JL Audio 8" sub. In the process of changing the radio with Pioneer head unit.
  12. I recently bought a 92 LS400. I think it is time for an oil change, the sticker is hard to make out. I can see that 10W-30 oil was previously used. From what I have read most people use 5W-30. Would there be a problem if I switched the oil? The car has 186.00 miles. I believe Castrol was used in it previously. I want to use either a synthetic blend or a high mileage oil. Does anyone have any recommendations?
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