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Pass Side Mirror Glass Only?

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From my experience no....the whole mirror assembly needs to be replaced. I had my passenger side mirror replaced (under warranty) about a month and a half ago as it was adjusting up & down, but not left & right.


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Most mirrors are heated (comes on with the rear window defroster) but you'll most likely not need them in California. If this is the case, take a piece of paper, place it over the broken mirror and trace its shape, and cut it out. Go to a glass store, tell them what its for (so they use a thin mirror stock), and have them cut and shape a new mirror to shape. Put a fair amount of silicone seal on the back of the new mirror, place it over the backing plate of the old mirror (assuming that you've removed the broken pieces), press into place, and then use much masking tape to secure the mirror in place for 24 hours until the silicone sets. I have used this repair several times over the years and it works well. Good Luck!

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I have replaced the passenger side mirror glass on my 93 LS, and it was a pretty easy job. However, I have no idea whether the mirror assemblies in later years are designed in the same way.

On my car, the mirror glass is held in place by plastic clips at the top, bottom, and on the sides. By prying at the bottom of the mirror glass with a screwdriver, you can release the bottom clip. The other clips then release quite easily. Replacement mirror glass is available at the Lexus dealerships that sell parts on the internet, e.g.,,, etc.

I checked the parts catalogs at Park Place Lexus in Texas. They show the entire passenger side mirror assembly as being available in various colors; however, the cost is almost $400.00. I would certainly expend considerable effort in trying to replace the glass only before I replaced the entire assembly. I am assuming, of course, that there is no warranty coverage involved.

I would call some of the Lexus internet parts dealers and check on the availability of the glass and the cost. One thing I encountered was that the mirror glass was different for the

memory and non-memory cars. You can give the parts people your VIN, and they can tell you which glass is needed for your car.

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I called Lexus as well, the cost of just the glass is 330$, the entire assembly is 400+. Sounds like they have got us. I did find only one company on the internet, They offer glass only for 21.95, convex. They say apply over self dimming, not sure if that means the glass must be somewhat in tact to apply their glass over it? Not sure I want to try and take the backing plate out in case I break any of the clips. In that case, I am out the 330$. I like the idea of just applying new glass (even if it is not factory) while backing plate is still in tact.

Thanks for the suggestion

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