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1991 Ls400 Just A Few Pics


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jdm headlights - ebay for around 250 shipped

hids in stock headlights - 60-80 on ebay

and as jcrome said....ultrastars - 40 bucks for 2 bulbs.

here are my Ebay hids...6k for headlights and 3k for foglights. the HIDs were not warmed up in this picture thats why it seems blue and green


total darkness


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Yeah but if you don't retrofit a projector or reflector setup in your HIDs then you'll just blind everyone in front of you and get horrible light patterns. Plus you won't have any highbeams..

but they do look sweet!! :D haha

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im 18 years old and i love this car its my baby :D all my time and money goes into it i must say i have drove alot of cars but nothing drives like this lexus nice and smooth even with the 20's on it


Nice looking 1gen LS but what is the point of having LCD screens in the backs of the rear seat headrests?? The front headrests I can understand, but the rears?? Is that so the ppl in the car following you can watch TV too? LOL :P

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what a POS

That is really not nessecary...where is a mod when you need one?

On that note, I like your car, the only 3 things i would change is the screens in the rear headrests, the spinners (just not a fan bro...not a knock on your character) and the fact that YOU NEED TINT.

nice car all the same... :D

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