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Sc300 Oil Change, Overfill?


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I bought my 200k lexus sc300 about a month ago and held off on changing the oil since the owner just replaced all the filters in the system herself and had jiffylube replace her oil a few hundred miles before i got on it. Now after 2k miles.. yeah i put it on quick! newly purchased cars are always fun to cruise around in.. for hours, i'm now changing my own oil/oil filter.

I'm using 5W-30 Castro GTX High Mileage oil and a mobil1 filter, i jacked up the front about a foot, drained it, jacked up the back about a foot, drained it some more, let it drain flat on the ground till it was a drip every 10 seconds, put the plug back in and then proceeded to fill it up with 5 quarts. i stopped at exactly 5 quarts, my SC300 manual on page 170 it says:

drain and refill, with filter, 5.1qt, without filter, 4.8qt.

I replaced the filter, but at exactly 5.0qt my dip-stick says ive overfilled it, it's a pretty marginal amount, about 1/8" above the full mark, is this worth getting down there, opening it up and draining a bit and quickly plugging it back up (causing a mess) just to get it to the full mark or is a little overfill not worrysome?

I'm sort of too afraid to drive it at the moment until i know more about slightly overfilling.

Just curious, thanks.


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