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Its Not A Mount Problem! What Else Could It Be?


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Hi I thought my LS400's mounts had to be replaced as the symptoms seemed so typical.

The problem is that every time I step off the accelerator the car jerks back.

I got the car examined from my mechanic and he said the mounts on the car are still good.

He said that there is no problem and it is normal for the car to jerk back when you step off the gas.But there is something going on for sure as it never jerked back like that before.It has been happening and gradually increasing for the past three months now.

When the car jerks back, there are no engine RPM changes either for me to suspect something wrong with the engine.

The car has about 126K miles.It is a 1995 Lexus LS 400.

Could someone know/experienced something like this?

Thanks in advance.

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If the RPM doesn't change, than it is most likely not an engine or transmission/drivetrain problem.

The only other thing that slows your car down is it's brakes. Check your brakes over, take the wheels off and make sure the caliper assembly "floats". Check and make sure your brake pads have worn evenly on both sides of your rotor. Inspect the rotor for abnormal wear, it should be nice, shiny, with no major cracking or pitting.

One other thing occured to me.... Push down on the front of your car and see how well it absorbs the force. If your shock was gone, I would imgine you would have noticed in regular driving as well though, especially over bumps.

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