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Replacement Tires For 2006 Ls430


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I recently purchased a 2006 LS430 and need to replace the OEM Dunlop 245/45-18 tires. I will be putting only about 6000-7000 miles a year on the car, split about 75/25 highway to local driving. I'm in southern California, so no need to be concerned about winter performance. Though we have very few rainy days, the roads can be especially slick when wet, and I therefore put some premium on good wet performance. I'm looking for a quiet, comfortable ride on tires with good grip. Given my driving pattern, I'm less concerned about tread life.

I've seen positive reviews of the Goodyear Eagle F1 All Season. I would appreciate your expert guidance on that option and any others you would recommend.

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Just replaced OEM Dulops on my 2002 LS430. Never again will I run Dunlops. Unfortunately, they are also standard on my GS450. I have never had trouble with Michelins (why are they on my GX470?) and they generally run 45-50000 miles so I was surprised when the Dunlops crapped out at about 30000! Michelin Primacy MXV4 was a recommended option on TireRack.com. The ride is smooth and quiet and I could not be happier.

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I'll second the Michelins ^

Although the GY F1 A/S you mention look tempting.......I have no experience with them personally......they look good on the net, but I am not so sure you need an 'ultra high performance all season' on a vehicle like the LS430. You will be giving up a fair bit of ride quality. If your okay with that, then put them on your short list.

Welcome to the LOC btw. B)


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I purchased a set of Toyo Versado LX's (245/45-18's) for my 01 for 'summer' use tires, and have been very happy with them. I would probably use them for winter use also, but here in Minnesota, they use a lot of salt for the roads & it would eat away the nice rims that I purchased with the 18" size upgrade.

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