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I Just Bought A 93 Ls400

micah money

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Im picking up tomorrow, and im just wondering what the ride is like


I drove mine from mid 1997 till mid 2004,when I bought a 2000 Platinum edition LS400.great ride,great car.Just make sure that all required maint.has been done.It went from 56K miles to 103K miles.

I did replace the battery and tires,brake pads and rotors(twice).I sold it to my girlfriends daughter 3 1/2 years ago.She did the timing belt and water pump,which I never did.She is still driving it but ran it into a culvert and says it does not steer right.(lol, get it looked at and fixed).

All in all, a great car if maint.is done properly and on time.During that time it was never at a Lexus stealer.I did do oil and filter at 3K mile intervals.Never had an electrical issue unless the drivers door was facing the lake in the winter.Then the snow would get in the door and the lock would freeze.Couldn't lock the door,so the battery would die overnight.(all those interior lights).

Oh,to answer your question the 1993 and the 2000 LS are the best cars I have ever I have ever had ride wise and any other way.I am not quite as happy with my 2006 LS 430,but I have only had it a few months,so time will tell.

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