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So i just purchased a 2004 is300 and i drove my car one morning and the radio worked fine but then when i got back into the car when i was done with classes there was no volume on the radio at all. The radio has power and will turn on and off and everything so i know its not a fuse or anything like that its just the volume that doesnt work. I also woke up the next morning to my hazards flashing and they didnt turn off till i started the car up and let it run for a few then when i shut it off the hazards turned off. Not sure why they even turned on. My final problem is that when i set the alarm on the car the lights i thought used to blink but now they dont it still sets the alarm and the doors lock but the lights d not blink, im not sure if they used to blink or not but im pretty sure when i used to set the alarm the lights flashed telling me it was set. Any help would be great. Im taking the car back to the dealer anyways cause its under warranty but if its something easy id rather do it on my own then have the hassle of not having my car for a few days. Thank you again and any info would be much appreciated

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Here's how the "theft deterrent" system is supposed to work.


The alarm system not working may be keeping the radio from working. Maybe if you reset the ECU by disconnecting the battery negative (black) wire for 10 minutes and then reconnecting, they system will reset.

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