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Hi All,

I'm new to this forum, and very excited seeing so many Lexus owners sharing experience here! Last June I bought two front tires from a Toyota service store, and they convinced me to buy the H tires because they did not have any V in stock. They told me that I could only experience the difference between H and V at high speeds. I got a flat on one of the front tires last night, so I went to get some new tire today. The technician at another store told me that I had been using "wrong tires" (H-Rated tires). I got me a set of Marshal Matrax TX 95W for a very reasonable price and told me I should return the two front tires I bought from Toyota and asked for my money back. I then went to the Toyota service with the two tires from them and the same guy who sold me the tires told me it's perfectly fine selling me the "H" tires even though GS300 required "V" tires. I'm in New Jersey and I'm not sure if he's telling the truth. Is anyone familiar with the regulations? Can I get my money back? Everytime I go to a car place I feel being robbed and helpless...

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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I don't know anything about Marshall tires, but they're definitely an off brand.

H rated are fine. Do you cruise at speeds above 130 mph? No? Then you don't NEED the V rated.

I have H on my LS and Z on the GS. I'll probably drop to V on the GS when I need tires because I won't be able to get H in the size I use and I don't need the Z rating for speed.

The tire store that fixed the flat scammed you. The dealer didn't.

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H are fine, despite what BS the tire shop tries to tell you... even though sometimes they don't know that they are BS'ing you, they actually believe what they say is true... even the "techs" at costco will insist you need V rated because the OEM tires are V, however unless you plan on doing some extra spirited driving H is will do just fine.

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I agree, H are fine. Just put the second set of H rated tires on my 00 GS 300. My local tire dealer said similar comments. If you dont plan on driving over 100mph, why buy the more expensive tires. Also, they will wear out faster from what I have read on the subject. Some people will tell you they get better road contact with V rated but I have not noticed the difference from the V rated tires that came with the car. I drive in midwest, snow, ice, rain, hot cold. The H work just fine for normal driving (not AJ Foyt type).

One other note. Never had to align the tires either, God I love lexus vehicles!

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