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Replaced Ecm, Now Car Won't Start


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I have a 1999 ES300 - 107k miles, which was miss firing intermitantly. The codes I pulled were

1354 (VVT bank 1), (300,302,304,306 misfires bank 2). I replaced the OCV on bank 1 to address code 1354. The condition and codes came back in addition to code 1351. Alldata said 1351 was

caused by a skipped timing belt or a bad ECM. The timing belt was replaced 6 months ago and

is still in correct timing. I purchased a used ECM. The battery was disconected for a few days while the ECM was being shipped. Now the car turns over but will not start, I have tried 2 keys.

The security light on the dash is flashing and the remote fobs are operating normally.

Did I loose the progaming in the security key? If yes, is this from changing the ecm or having

the battery disconnected for an extended period. Finally, Is there a way to correct this short of

towing it to the dealer?

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I thought would pass on what I have learned in regards to replacing ecm's.

A replacement ecm would have to be flashed to be put in relearn mode. You would then insert the

key for 5 seconds (do not turn on) and remove. Repeat for extra keys.

A local automotive locksmith will flash the ecm for $150 (With the ecm out of the car ). I'm not sure what Lexus charges.

An alternate to changing out the ecm is having the current ecm repaired.

There is a company in Houston (www.ecmtogo.com) that will repair the computer for $225.

This eliminates the key hassle and is much cheaper than the $800 Lexus wants for a reman'd ecm or $1300 for a new one.

I would still be interested in feedback from others on this subject.

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If it is an alarm lock out , their is a procedure to relearn the keys by using the pedals and turning the ignition. I did it on my 98 LS400 and it programmed the key i still use the key today .

Search the site for key reprogramming , one is for the door locks the other is for the ignition lock out.

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