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Power Steering


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I just cleaned the selonoid screen and replaced the O-rings in the power steering pump in my 93ls 400. 122k miles. I did not have any P/S issues other that a leak that killed my alternator. So I bought the P/S seal kit from lexus.

Got it all back together and running. At first the steering wheel was like having no power assist with wheel on the ground. And the pump making a very loud squealing sound. Raised the wheels off the ground And did the right to left turns of the steering wheel was getting massive foaming in the p/s res. even without turning the wheels it will foam. And when I shut the engine off it overflows with foaming p/s fluid. Then a few large bubbles come up. I start the whole procedure again, same thing. The steering has gotten easier, actually normal, the squealing is less but still very loud. I must have turned the wheel back and forth 50-60 times. And started and stopped the engine at least 15-20 times.

Each time I shut it off the p/s res. will foam up with fine bubbles. Like a shaken can of warm Coke. Then a few large bubbles come up. I've spent 2 hours doing the turning and starting and stopping the engine. And I still getting air bubbles.

Has anyone had this problem de-airing the fluid? Can you suck air through the idle up valve? Or anywhere else?

Any tips on de-airing?

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