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Paint For Passenger Side Rearview Mirror


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I have a 97 ES300, color Oyster Pearl.

The paint on the passenger side mirror attachment has just about chipped away completely.

I would like to paint it but am concerned that cost of paint will be rediculous.

Has anyone had similar issue and has anyone changed the color of their mirrors to black?

Or maybe just the attachment piece between the mirror and the car. This is the part that has lost the paint, not the mirror itself.

Would this look stupid?

Any thoughts?

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I would get some prices to find out what it would cost to re-paint the mirror the body try & find a replacement mirror assembly either on e-bay or an auto wrecker/salvage yard.

Not sure if the black would look so hot.....just my 2 cents. B)


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you could just get a can of black paint and spray it and find out how it looks. If it sucks, then look at having someone repaint them for you. Theres a place here that mixes factory colors. If I had that problem, I'd probably just get them to mix up half a pint of the color and then i'd prep the mirrors and spray them. Often times though the paint will not match if the paint on the car is old/faded, the only way i've found to blend it is by going back over the repainted area with superfine sandpaper to knock some of the gloss off of it.

Pep boys has a big selection of touch-up paints, i'm sure they have or can get the color you need also. That could be another cheap alternative if you don't have a sprayer setup, and is much cheaper than having a shop do it. Spend 10 bucks, try it out, if it is not to your liking, take it to a shop ^_^ .

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