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Xenon Hid Headlight Upgrade-rx330


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Hello, New poster (poser?) here.

My wife recently purchased a 2004 RX330. She really loves this car, I think we'll keep it.

I am interested in replacing the stock halogen headlights with Xenon HID's. Has anyone attempted this upgrade? I am not interested in the 'steerable' type that the newer models have, just something similar to this:

Ebay item number 180205776650

Also- has anyone dealt with this seller or similar products?

Not looking to go 'wow, neato blue' or <gasp> Violet color. I just want to put more bright white light out in front of her- she doesn't see very well at night.



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I think I would be real cautious here. Ebay auto parts don't have to have any proof of their claims. I really doubt whether this system can be had for had for the price of $25. Heck, even a replacement Xenon bulb costs more than that. I wonder if these just are bulbs with a higher wattage, claiming to be Xenon

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