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Remote Keyless Entry For 1993 Ls400

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Okay. I did a search and did not find any previous topics on "remote" or "keyless" so I will start a new one.

When I got my '93 LS400 it came with only one key with the integrated chip. It works and it looks like this:

I can easily get a spare key made by a local locksmith but I would need advise on what to do with getting another remote unit. Would the good people of this forum please advise me on what they might do in a situation like this?

1. Buy this pair at $331 and have it programmed by the local Lexus dealer.

2. Buy this other "1993 remote" from ebay and hope that it works.

3. Get an aftermarket alarm/remote keyless entry system.


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according to my 93 shop manual, the key transmitters are supposed to come with a ROM (read only memory) chip that you would need to install in the ECU when you get a new remote transmitter. The manual says ROM, not PROM which is a programmable read only memory. If you buy the 2 keys, make sure that they come with the ROM to install in the ECU or they will most likely not work at all.


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UCLABB, I went to their site but they only make transponder keys.

Curt, I might just go for an aftermarket system - one that can also unlock the trunk remotely.

Thanks guys!


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