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Whats Happened To The Lower Right Side Of This Dash Panel?


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Here is an interior shot of another local 94' LS I am considering... I have not seen the car in person.. only these photos. I do not recall what holds these panels up. Do they just snap on? I have no idea why it would be removed/broken. Also the airbag cover looks wavy? I am wondering if this could be a warning sign to something?


Here is a photo of the car....



They are asking $4900. for it... it has 165K.


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Thanks Ono... so its not a big deal obviously. I have contacted the owner of this car to get more info on the car and to see how firm the price is. Seems like a good deal for $4900.

I have also found a 91' LS400 in Atlanta, but it has 201K for $3700. I think I can get it for $3500, but I would have to have it transported here to my house, so thats another $400. I think the local 93' LS for $3600 was sold. I cannot even get the owner to return my phone calls.

yes, air back cover kind of strange. Have no idea what caused that.

one of the tab of the lower panel broke off; that is why you see the panel hanging.

the a/c cabin filter is inside this panel and also the main ecu is inside too.

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Thanks. I was thinking that the wavy airbag cover may signify previous deployment. I guess it does not matter anyway. I emailed the seller last night (about 24 hours ago) and asked some questions and never got a reply (and its a dealer lot), which tells me they are the type that does not care if they sell a car or not.

I have found another LS400 that I like, but its a 1991 and located in Atlanta. They wanted $3900 for it, but they came down to $3400. It has 202K, but is in VGC. It has recently had a new timing belt installed (at Lexus dealer) and all service up to date. Oil changes every 3K. Its white w/tan interior. NO air suspension. I dislike that it does not have CD player option, but that seems common on the 90-92 LS400s. My 90' LS did not have it.

dont worry about the lower panel as it is hang up by some clips. But you may need to investigate the wavy airbag panel, it might be the indication of airbag having been deployed. in other words, the car might be in a serious accident


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