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  1. just for me, just make a difference, just do it why so serious
  2. thank you marlon08901, your post inspired me to do mine. materials are a bit different tho. it seems i cant attach image here. this is the pix
  3. a friend of mine has a 94 ls400, he just replaced the cluster with used one. everything on cluster worked fine (regardless A/C on or off) for 2 days then rpm and mph needle refuse to work. one day he noticed that when he turned off a/c, the needle work normal, turn a/c on, they dont work. strange? any idea how to fix?
  4. i bought a pair of eagle eye headlight. provide a complete new look for the car front end, to tell the truth, dont expect more light with this, its more on making your car newer i am thinking of inserting projectors and move to HID soon, has anyone on the board done this yet?
  6. yeah but not all will treat her as gentle as i do :(
  7. many times when someone opens the trunk lid, it is normally lifted harder then enough, the lid goes up fast and stop hard making the car even shake. i believe later model has gas struts in place of springs for trunk lid. anyone mod it for the 90s?
  8. my 90 ls400 got that same problem most of the time when I run over water on road. i cant run over 50kmh for about 5-10 minutes, after that things are back as normal. like you, i know nowhere the problem could be
  9. i guess the locking mechanism has stuck while you insert the key and push it in to lock. in my car, i dont need the key to lock, just push it in to lock. insert the key only when I unlock it i dont know, maybe you may try using a screw driver handle to gently tap it. it may release if you are lucky :)
  10. i got mine replaced last year. they got to completely removed the knuckle and to get to the bearing hubs. they then used pneumatic press to get the bearings off the hubs and also insert new bearings in again. i know you dont want to remove so many things, but to me, it would be much easier for you to replace the bearings with knuckle off the car
  11. when you stop your car, try moving shifter from D to N, engage parking brake, then move shifter from N to P. later, see if your car still jerks when moving out of P
  12. are you serious? am going to try it tonight
  13. my 2 cats have gone before it gets into my hand. i dont like the taking off boeing sound when i hit gas pedal deep. want to re-install them but too costly
  14. is a new tank available somewhere? mine is leaking too
  15. my car got the same symptom but only when i go over water. running in rain doesnt matter, but whenever i drive over a water pond at around 40mph, i could run only less than 20 mph. Hoewever, the car always comes back normal after 1-15 minutes of driving under 20mph. this has happened at least 4 times until now, and i dont have any clue. it looks similar to your case, mine is 1990 LS400 with 100k+ on it
  16. mine has same problem so far. can roll down by back switch but not up. driver main switch works fine for both up and down. dont know why. leave it as is as its expensive to replace and we dont open that window so often
  17. i suspect that, they are selling access by daily, monthly... if there is such option nobody will buy monthly access
  18. how the car respond to gas pedal when you lost control?
  19. there are always many ways out to face with increase gas cost, instead of wondering if a 500 bucks could save some, we may think of using the car less, get a part time job, ask boss for fuel incentive or even change job with better pay. sorry if this is kind of off topic
  20. if you install after market security system such as this feature will be available. the blackwidow on my 90 ls400 will lock all doors a moment after key turns to ignition. quite useful
  21. i will try after removing the rear seat. thanks guys
  22. i did try braking hard at 40kph and noticed that the seat belt was locked. so the locking mechanism works only in sudden stop unlike normal belt which gets locked on quick pull
  23. i am going to install a carputer for my 1990 ls400. i will set up CPU in trunk, so shortest way to monitor is thru the center tunnel under the carpet and this requires to remove center console. i was about to remove it but couldnt figure out how to so i quit and asking for a tutor or manual here many thanks
  24. thanks Eddie for your comments, i am saving money :) btw, what did you replace? engine mounts, tranny mounts, steering rack grommets or all of them?
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