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I Want To Buy Some Nice Wheels....plz Help?


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I have an 01 IS300 and I want to buy new wheels and tires. I was hoping to go to 18" without changing anything else. Is that possible? Right now there are stock 17"x7" wheels on the car. I was thinking about the 18x8 ASA JHP Machined w/ Black accent wheels. Will those work? I'm not very well versed in these types of things but I do know that not any old 5 lug wheel will fit on the car. Does anyone know what offset I need? Please help. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

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Yes it's possible to go to 18'' rims without changing the outside diameter of the tire. And 18x8's will work just fine.

The stock specs for your rims are 42 mm offsets, with a 5 bolt 114 mm pattern, or 5x4.5. If you go to 18x8's the offset will change to 40 mm and the tire size will be 215/40-18.

If you go http://www.tirerack.com/index.jsp you can enter you car onfo. Then if you look at the task bar about a quarter of the way down you will see ( change veiw) and click on the car symbol. This will put an image of your car on the screen and then you select different rims and see what they look like on your car. They even have a color selector so you can make the car the same color as yours. As you browse, you'll also notice that they have all the specs and info you will need. Not to mention that if you go to a reputable tire store, they will have all the info you need on hand. Like say a Discount Tire or Tire Kingdom. I'm not sure they have those in NY or not, but you get the point.

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