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Installing Amp On Factory Headunit


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Any of you ES300 owners out there know how to hook up an AMP that will run sub woofers onto a headunit that does not have RCA ports. My amp has the RCA and High level input connectors. Want to run subs off my headunit until i figure out what exactly a new headunit I would like to get. If you need more info I will be happy to give. speaker layout for my car is 2 tweeters, 4 door speakers and I beleive 1 stock sub in the rear. Let me know if anyone comes up with anything, I would appreciate it very much


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if your amp has a high level input conector just use that!take off the wires running to your factory sub and hook them into the high level input of the amp and then just hook up the power wires for the amp and you should be good!

or you can buy speaker wire to rca convertors at any stereo shop and use them to hook up the amp.just tap into the rear speaker wires and plug them into the convertor and then you will have a set of rca jacks to plug into the amp.hope this helps :D

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yes there is a stock amp but not sure were its at in the 97 model.i thought it was under the passenger seat but maybe not in that year.some one in here that owns one im sure will answer this question for you.i think its still under that seat though.

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