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Just thought it was a bit funny. I called my local Lexus dealer to get a price for the Nakamichi 12 CD changer that doesn't work right in my car and I was quoted, No joke. 1350.00 And then I called TAP, a Lexus Toyota parts supplier and it was 295!! How can there be this HUGE of a difference in prices?! Just curios to know. Thanks

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tap is a used parts supplier in california. used parts salvage yards like tap dont even test there stuff just send it out and half the time the older stuff doesnt work. they give refunds but its a hassle.the 1350.00 is for a new one. i dont think there a really any new ones left at the lexus new parts depot.. the panasonic made 12 disc havent been made since 1997. the dealers charge 500 to 700 for a refurbished 12 disc changer so 295.00 is the cheapest way to go.

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