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Whinning Sound ?


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I am experienceing a whinning sound from the engine. It is worse when the AC is on. Could this be the alternator or the water pump. Have already installed a new power steering pump. Have 87.000 miles on my '92 Lexus LS 400. The fluid levels are ok, but I occassionaly have to add water to coolant reservior. I would like to get some idea what it could be before I take it to the shop.

Also I have this whisteling sound that I cannot determine where it is coming from. (kinda sounds like it's and air leak some where). I had a new weather stripping put on the passenger door and I still here this sound. It is not as noticeable from the passenger's side. This sound is driving me crazy, anyone have any suggestion where is should begin my search for this whisteling sound.


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well those whining noises are your bearings in the timing belt pulleys and water pump. it means that their life is coming to the end and its time to change. and this whistling sound, you hear it when you drive? or when the air blower is on?

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Well, perhaps VMF is correct however sometimes whining sounds are often a symptom of alternator bearing going bad. The reason it increases with the A/C on is because of the extra load. If your PS pump leaked on it prior to the replacement, it could be a delayed result.

Here is how you find out what is whining (besides you when you get the bill to fix it).

Take a long screwdriver and hold the handle to your ear while placing the other end against various components. It works like a stethescope. Just be really carefull not to accidently stick it into the fan blade or belt . You will quickly find the source. It is hard to get it near the waterpump, but they usually don't whine much, they just start leaking.

Good luck and be careful.

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its all depends on a noise the engine makes but if it increases with Ac on while engine is idling it prolly is the alternator. check the voltage on idle, with a working alternator it should be around 14V. if its around 12 then it is alternator dying. if the whining noise is going from the engine when u vary RPMs from 600 to 1000 then its prolly bearings

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