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  1. I want to replace all of the oxygen sensors on my 1992 lexus ls 400. Can anyone provide me with the correct ones and a good place to order them,
  2. Also the mechinc said the throttle cable was a little frayed. Did notice that the pedal was hard to press, and when it finally did get loose felt as if something was holding it back.
  3. My lexus ls 400 92 model recently would not run, it had no power and smoke coming from the engine. It was towed to a shop where they installed a new ignition coil, plugs and wiring. Also repaired a hole at the cat exhausts next at the front. The ran fine for a fews hours, after running for approx. 30 minutes the engine light came on agaieen, it took it back and they did the wire diagnostic test and it showed a code of 25, that fuel was lean. I have to take it back so they can run the flow chart tests. Could it be the fuel pump, filter, etc. The fuel flter was changed as 80,000 miles. It
  4. Well I found the vibration problem. It was my drivers side brake caliper, the brake was locking up when hot.
  5. I bought 4 new tires and so far, (knock on wood) no shaking.
  6. My 1992 lexus is having major problems. Have been dealing with exhaust problems. Now there is a leak (bad) of power steering fluid dripping on my steering rack, the rubber cushion on the rack is covered with fluid. Does this indicate I need a new steering rack as one mechanic indicated or could it be something from the power steering pump which was replaced at 74,000; the car now has 135,00 on it.
  7. Will the bosal front exhaust y-pipe for a 1992 Lexus LS400 work. The part number is 0990127. Some on this forum says it will, but all the web sites lists it as rear. The one's from lexus dealers are very expensive. The pipe is leaking from the flange connections that have rusted. I have searched the internet for months for a solution.
  8. I have a 92 ls 400, the front y pipe needs replacing, which I haven't done yet. Several days ago my started to vibrated very bad at the gear shift and acted like it was missing. It does this at mostly low speeds. I thought it was the type of gas (using lower octane) so I filled up with premium and put fuel injector cleaner in it. It ok for a day or so and then started it again. I just put new brake rotors, and pads on the vehicle. Does this sound like a oxygen sensor problem? I'm going to get another ypipe from Rock Auto, my mechianc said to get a oxygen sensor also. What type of oxyge
  9. My passenger side low beam headlight is out, I bought the bulb but how to I go about replacing it. Do I just remove the headlight. So searchs says to remove the battery for the drivers side. I removed my air filter housing but I still could not see how to replace the bulb. Could someone give step by step instructions.
  10. MY 92 LS 400 antenna is not working. I can hear the motor but the antenna will not go up or down. Does any know of a site where I can purchase a replacement. I guess I need a new mast and motor. Thank You
  11. :( Summer of 2006 or 07 my ac started blowing hot air, I took it to a dealership (not lexus) they found my freon had leaked out, they did the dye test a hose was leaking. I ordered the hose and they replaced it did a conversion to 134R freon. Today it started blowing hot air. I did the ac test and 00 were showing. Also it has been ac oil a little bit. Could I have another hose that is leaking. I can hear the ac compressor kicking in. Any suggestions. The first repair cost me 400.00 as the hose was over 200.00 from lexus dealer. Any suggestions appreciated. :( :( :(
  12. I had a Alpine CDE 9852 installed, and the said I would loose the subwoofer, is there anyway I can restore the subwoofer without installing a new one. He said he had not seen this type of harness. He used a Toyota 70-1761 harness. Is this the correct harness for this stereo or is this common when replacing a aftermaret stereo system. Any help appreciated.
  13. I ran over a parking space curb and bent the front underneath, the molding buckled out. The body shop replaced the fender and just repaired the rocker panel section. The molding is still sticking out some. I called and said there is a clip that may have came off. I can take my hand and push in the molding and there is a big gap. The rocker panel repair looks awful. Should I insist that the rocker panel section be replaced. I am taking it back to the shop tomorrow. I may call my insurance adjuster and have them look at it. The fender looks good but the molding and rocker panel looks aw
  14. The green back light on my hi button for air controls is burn out. How to I go about repairing it.
  15. I have a 92 LS Peral White with 102,00 (had 72,000) when I bought it, I have changed timing belt, water pump (didn't need but changed when put timing belt on), power steering pump, new tires, tune up). I love this car and it still looks brand new. I would spend the money on the 91, because those air suspension will be big bucks and with the 91 you know what you got already. My grey portion needs painting, I went through a car wash and it scratched the lower part. Never to that again. As I said keep your 91 and think of it as an investment, I beleive you will be glad you did. I still get
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