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Timing Belts Replaced With Chains


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I was talking with a friend at work who owns a 2003 Camry 4 cylinder with 90k miles. I asked him if he had considered

changing the timing belt. He told me it does NOT have a belt but rather a chain and does not need regular

replacement. I just about fell over! Dangit. I always thought timing belts were a substandard idea primarily because of

the replacement interval.

Now I learn that Toyota is using chains instead of belts. In fact, the new LS460 has a chain! I know, I know, chains are

noisier....supposedly. However, a correctly engineered chain should not be a problem.

This is in a Lexus LS460 ad:

"The camshafts are of a new, hollow design and are now driven by a chain instead of a timing belt for improved reliability and reduced maintenance costs."

You learn something new every day. Just thought I would pass this along.

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chains are also heavier than belts. this is one of the reasons most mfgs used them for years. i'm sure that they are a lot lighter these days than the old chevy 350's of days gone by. anywhere they can save weight...

as of 2002 the new 2.4 motor has a chain. the 3.3 still had a belt though. i'm pretty sure you'll see them phasing the belt out over the years.

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