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Rx330 Rear Shocks

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I have a 2004 RX330. I love the car but not the ride. Car rides fine with just me but add some passengers in the rear seat and the shocks bottom out. My car is currently at the dealership having this problem checked. My service guy states there is no leaking from my shocks, so no problem with my suspension. All though he has not taken a test drive with passengers in the rear seat of the car. Does anyone have this same problem with their shocks??? I have a loaner car which is a RX350. The shocks work as they should on this car. Test drove with my husband and neighbor in the back seat and went over bumbs. These shocks did not bottom out. Hence, that my shocks should do the same. I feel the dealer is saying anything to get out of replacing my shocks. My car has 44,000 miles and I don't think the original struts should be going bad at this time. Please if someone could advise me on this matter, I would appreciate it.


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Brenda, shocks are unfortunately kind of a subjective item. With 44K on your car, wear is certainly a factor. The classic test for defective shocks is whether or not they are leaking and it appears that this is what your dealer is falling back on. 50,000 miles has been identified by some as a good benchmark for shock replacement. The problem with your shocks, diminished damping action, is something that occurs with wear and age. I don't know if you'll get the dealer to give you new shocks when they are considered by many to be a wear and tear item that must be periodically replaced. Could you admit that wear is a contributing factor and see if they'd share the cost with you or make some sort of good will contribution to the repair? You certainly have a valid argument that the car should be able to carry back seat passengers without bottoming out, but the dealer has a good argument that the shocks aren't defective if they aren't leaking. If you can't get the dealer to compromise, I'd look for a different shop and buy rear shocks there.

Good luck to you!


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Whan you replace the shocks.....replace the mounts & springs as well. But mine are just getting "clunky" after 111,000 miles. But, only kiddies ride in the back and both weigh less tha 100 lbs each. I just got an estimate for shocks, struts, springs, links & mounts on all 4 wheels for $950 installed.

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