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Powered Windows Problems


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Can anyone help me with my 92 SC400 powered windows problem?

The pass side controller works fine, but the driver side is not working at all

it can not roll up or down the windows at all for either driver or passenger side,

the door lock switch is working fine, I also did check the motor for the driver side windows it's OK, Also I did swapped out the controller but still the same (borrow from a friend of mine), Also I noticed the little green light on the controller is not on at all.

anyone have the schematic diagram for this electrical section please help

email: cme2nite2000@yahoo.com

thanks a lot

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i saw the orignal post but as you already tried another unit contorller

my only though was that

so it is left to tracing the wires back to the motor

the weirdest part is the power for the passanger side is run through the master controller

before it gets to it

so i am totally lost

sorry i could not be of more help

just wanted to let you know that members are reading it

i guess they are as lost with it as me

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OMG! i had to leave my passenger window amlost half down cuz i got the same problem. Im so mad because i have to wait till morning. I've checked only the fuses but makes sense that they arent blown out because the sun roof opens well. Don't know what's wrong but tomorrow i will troubleshoot and get back to ya if i figure it out.

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