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Synthetic Oil ....sludge ....extended Intervals


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Anybody heard of sludging in the ES300 when Synthetic oil is used?

Well, once again, I'm thinking of using Mobil 1

this time in my Sienna...

Tried it on a few cars since about 1978,

cars so loose and worn out that I'd go back to dino oil.

(super thin synthetic would leak past rings on a couple of vettes I had,

fouling the plugs, convertor and oxygen sensor). Total pain.

Whats bugging me now is the Sienna sludge problem...

If I extend the oil change interval to 10,000km(6000 miles)

then am I more likely to get tagged with The Japanese Emperors Revenge


I really like my Sienna, and plan to keep it for years.

Maybe I should just change the oil every 5000km (3000miles)

and sleep easy. Besides changing the oil is good for a warm and fuzzy feeling.

But still.... Mobil1/Amsoil/Royal Purple is top quality....

anybody heard of sludge problems using synthetic in the RX or ES300?


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The ES and RX do have a sludging problem when the oil is not changed properly just like the Sienna, however unless I'm mistaken, synthetic oil can not physcially slidge up like dino oil...

I'd still change it every 3-5k though. I do and I use Mobil 1.

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It doesn't matter what kind of oil you use. You need to change your oil every 5k period. I replace at least 2 of these engine everyweek because people don't change their oil. I had this client change her oil every 30k :( . Bottom line, lexus repair it for free but you don't want your car in the shop for 2 weeks.


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