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Airbag Warning Light

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there is a way to check it

it involves opening the diagnostic cover over the engine

taking 2 wires and running them by the batteryback to the cover to connect to 2 pins in it

then turngin the key and grounding them back and fourth in a timed sequence a few times

this gives you the code by flashing the abs light in the car

so you need to contort with a mirror to look at the code

them find the code and it will reset the memory

unless the problem still exists

basically the srs light wil stay on until checked y a dealer if the problem is intermittent

if you realy wan tto do this i can post eh pins you have to short

but it is a pain in the !Removed!

and not for a diy

basically if you have less than 5 types of pliers your probably still diy

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Thanks for your response-----before I ask you for the exact procedure, what are the chances that resetting the code would solve the proble? There is no indication that this car has been hit in the front. Would things like changing the battery cause the light to need resetting?

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