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Delivery Of New Rx330


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we recently ordered (late July) a new RX330 in silver from a local dealer in Central New Jersey, with a promise of delivery of this week. In speaking with the dealer this week I was told that he had no idea when the car would be delivered. Said the entire stock for July and August have been sold out, and if we had ordered the navigation system delivery (we had not) would be delayed until mid October.

Has anyone else experienced this problem???? I called the USA offices in CA this afternoon and was told it will take at least 90 days!!!!


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we spoke to the dealer in Central Jersey (last Friday) who reassured us the car was on the "dock" in NJ just off the boat as of Aug 25th. However they don't know when delivery can take place, he thought this week. Did notice their entire lot was empty awaiting these deliveries.

We paid $1000 off sticker, with them paying our last four lease payments for current vehicle.

Will keep everyone posted.

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Lexus actually do get hard to come by in late August and September. In actuality, sometimes the prices even go up because demand far exceeds supply. I'd buy what they're saying, it can be hard for a dealer to locate the right vehicle around this time.

Just a word of advice, make SURE that the dealer is actually paying the last 4 payments on your current lease and not just rolling them into the new deal. Its an old dealer trick "Oh, we'll take car of these payments" then they bury it in the capitalized cost and the customer never knows they made their own lease payments, and the dealer walks off with way more profit because they didnt have to do as deep a discount off MSRP.

Get it in writing, bring a calculator.

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I posted two weeks ago about the "sluggish" delivery of our new RX 330. It arrived last Wednesday, we picked it up Friday, dealer was wonderful. This is the first vehicle we've ever owned that was not one of the big three American companies. WOW , of course I realize we are still in the honeymoon stages of new Lexus owners but I can't say enough about it.

thank you to everyone who posted.


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Just picked up my 2004 RX 330 (Silver ext, Black int, Premium Pkg). "Only" had to wait 3 weeks for it too.

All I can say is WOW!

Driving the car around I was passed by a woman driving a 300. She gave me the "hot" hand wave and a thumbs up! I guess she liked it too! :D

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