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Sc430 Turns Left Or Right When Breaks. Tires?


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SC430 shifts either to the left or to the right when I apply breaks.

The dealer says it is because the tires are wide.If the non run flat tires solve the problem?

Where it shifts depend on the road surface at particular sport.

If the road is absolutely even car does not shift.The car shifts at low speeds.Car does not shifts with breaks aplying.

Any sugestions or thoughts?


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Wider wheels tend to follow longitudinal bumps and grooves in the road. That is noticed when those bumps or grooves are not perpendicular with the roadside.

Other SC430 owners have reported benfits in handling with tire change.

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Thank you for the opinions.

Is that true that Run Flat Dunlop is better Bridgestone?Can the above mentioned shifts become worse after 7000-10000 Miles on the run flat?

If the reason for the shifting is the width of the tire , how can the changing of them affect the result.


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