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Leaking Winshield Wash Fluid


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i think the neck of my wash fluid reservoir must have a leak or something. is there a way to repair it without having to replace the whole thing?

thanks again.


actually, i just refilled it to see where the leak might be and it hasn't drained in an hour's time. could some of it have gotten sucked into the pump while i was driving around yesterday instead of leaking somewhere?

i guess i will know tomorrow if it's just a very slow leak.

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i wasn't certain after i filled the fluid the second time whether i had a leak. but it seems to have maintained the level, so i think it's fine.

i filled the reservoir to the top before a long drive and when i checked the next morning, it had drained down about 6 inches, which alarmed me. but the reservoir was pretty empty to begin with so the pump and the hoses must have been empty too. then when i drove around, the wiper fluid must have trickled into the fluid pump and hoses so a lot was drawn down from the reservoir.

unless there's some leak that manifests only when the engine is running, i think my wiper fluid reservoir is ok.

and i am thankful because that darn vibration and the wind noise is headache enough for me.

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yes, sir. been lubing like there's no tomorrow, though it hasn't helped a ton yet. i think i might soon visit a lexus dealer for that job.

i have an appointment for friday for a general checkup on the car at the dealer. but i wonder if that's really necessary. i have a feeling they are not going to be able to pinpoint the cause of the vibration and will charge me separately for that diagnosis. plus, if the mounts are bad, that's obviously going to be extra.

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they shouldnt charge extra because a general check up means that they check and inspect the car and if the motor mounts are bad then it will cost extra $ to replace them but not for finding the problem.

But like i said to you i think a good import mechanic will be cheaper to get it replaced if indeed it is the motor mount thats bad.hope for the best!

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My washer reservoir was starting to look real bad: lots of cracks and tiny fissures. Silly me, but I got out the Crazy Glue and kept putting one thin layer on after another. The glue got down inside the cracks and then made a nice smooth finish. Crazy Glue, I wonder how much that is at a Lexus dealership?!?!

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