What Year Is Your Gx?


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  1. 1. What year GX do you have?

    • 2003 GX470
    • 2004 GX470
    • 2005 GX470
    • 2006 GX470
    • 2007 GX470
    • 2008 GX470
    • 2009 GX470
    • 2010 GX460
    • 2011 GX460

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Knights Armour Gray. Not really sure how to describe its color other than to say its not quite a puter, not really a dark (or light) gray for that matter. We traded our '05 4Runner which I loved for this '10. It lives up to the Lexus standard of luxury; however, I've been extremely disappointed in its get-up-and-go. We'd planned to get the redesigned 4Runner, but didn't like its cheeziness that it has turned to. We were already Lexus owners (have an '08 LS) and liked the fact that it came with a V-8 engine. Still I fine it very sluggish and often have to down shift to get the desired burst of power on the highway. Recently the Lexus service manager asked me how I liked the vehicle, and my response was, "I wouldn't buy anther." He also informed me that the redesigned GX isn't doing well with sales. Hmmm... I wonder why. With only 30K miles on it, its questionable how long we'll be keeping it.

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