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Ok I Got Somethin F*cked Up Somewhere


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The stereo plays great except when you turn on the headlights the radio quits, the fuse blows on the headlights hence the lights go out and the left garage door opens. Oh maybe I was sitting on the garage door opener. he-he.

ok the stereo is on, turn on the lights the radio loses power AND memory! turn off the lights and radio comes back on! but with loss of clock and presets. Is it possible I have the wrong power source and ACC wire? (duh!) But how many does it have? I checked these with a test light before I hooked it up. constant power, turn on the key, ok theres that wire. But obviously not.

I cant remember what wires i have to what off the top of my head. I remember the GRND was green, but I am going to try to figure this out right now.

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sounds like you got the illumanation wire hooked up to a ground or something and thats why it goes off when you turn the lights on.i would recheck them wires.iginition wire only goes on when you turn the key on and should be hooked up to the red wire coming out of the aftermarket radio.yellow wire on the radio is memory and that must be hooked up to a 12v power line that always stays on.get the tester and go thru each wire.also turn the lights on and check what wire comes on and see were you hooked it into.hope this helps

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